Wing: 8

Challenge Day 8: Black and White I’m frustrated. Do you see this room behind me? Fine. Basically plain. The most interesting thing about the room is that door, and I found it for cheap—in some construction site’s trashcan. Somehow, though, the plain, boring room has cost enough that I have nothing left in my savings.… Read More Wing: 8

Wing: 7

Day Seven: me with ten things I’ve been getting really into this photography thing lately. At first it was only a way of documenting the fact that I made it to Forgotten Hollow and updating my distant family on my life. It’s served that purpose, too, but… I’m finding that I enjoy documenting my life… Read More Wing: 7

Wing: 6

Photography Challenge Day 6: flowers Is it wrong that this image makes me sad? These are the flowers in my front yard; wildflowers, vast and overgrown. They themselves are beautiful. I often admire them in my window, watch them sway in the breeze. But this morning, I saw a human—no one I know or have… Read More Wing: 6