Poison Ivy Rules



  • Raise 100 babies to young adults
  • Acquire a headstone for every baby daddy


  • Only one pregnancy per baby daddy (may produce multiple children, if twins or triplets are born).
  • Once a baby grows into a child, the baby daddy must be invited over and sacrificed (through any means, so long as they die).
  • If a baby daddy dies before they can be sacrificed, it contributes to the life-for-a-life score.
  • Only the matriarch can be directed; all other sims must act autonomously.
    • Non-matriarch sims may be in clubs that compel them to do certain activities
  • When a matriarch dies, it does not contribute towards the headstone count.
  • If a child dies before becoming a young adult, it does not contribute towards the headstone count.
  • No merging households.
  • Children can be aged up:
    • when babies become good friends with the matriarch
    • when children achieve an A in grade school
    • when teens achieve an A in high school
  • Traits and aspirations shall be chosen randomly, via the Pinstar legacy trait generator (link here).


  • The matriarch may not have a job.
  • The matriarch may not have boyfriend/girlfriend or get married.
  • No changing the appearances of children; clothing is part of personality.
  • No cheats/mods.
  • No life-extending aids (including ambrosia, wishing well, or pleading to reaper).