Poison Ivy: Contents

Welcome to Poison Ivy, a 100 baby challenge with a twist! Juniper Grove has always felt blessed by the Creator. It wasn’t until she became a young adult, however, that she received confirmation; she dreamt of the Creator’s voice, telling her that she had been Chosen: she needed to spread her roots, her genes, into the world. But something can’t come from nothing; new life can only be created from old, else the world’s balance is thrown. As Juniper pursues 100 babies, she’ll pursue something else as well: a headstone from each daddy.

All in the name of balance. Creator’s orders, right?

Click here for the rules, and here for a breakdown of the family.


Juniper Grove

Chapter One: Juniper moves in and meets baby daddy #1.

Chapter Two: Juniper meets a new man (baby daddy #2?) and the Creator contemplates the life of a fetus.

Chapter Three: Juniper struggles with single-mom-hood and the Creator wishes the twins could, for once, fall asleep at the same time.

Chapter Four: Juniper conspires to capture baby daddy #1 and… dispose of him.

Chapter Five: The Creator questions Nightshade’s enigmatic personality.

Chapter Six: Don Lothario awaits his demise.

Chapter Seven: Rosary Pea loses a backbone and then re-grows it; the Creator is less than pleased.

Chapter Eight: Juniper seduces Daddy #3 and… is that Don?

Chapter Nine: Henbane is born. Nightshade remains the favorite.

Chapter Ten: The Reaper collects Daddy #2 and judges the Creator. Harshly. Vengeance is planned.

Chapter Eleven: The Creator contemplates Juniper’s paintings and welcomes Daphne, Baby #4.

Chapter Twelve: Daphne stands up for Rosary and Henbane when the Creator plays favorites, and the Creator contemplates the role of idiocy in the parish.

Chapter Thirteen: Juniper and the Creator experiment, and Baby Daddy #4 makes a big mistake.

Chapter Fourteen: The Chosen’s house is haunted, and the Creator worries that mistakes were made.

Chapter Fifteen: The Creator ponders the power of a god, and Nightshade fears the dark.

Chapter Sixteen: The Creator finally figures out how to get rid of the tentacle monster, the nooboos are born, and Henbane is acting strange… even stranger than usual.

Chapter Seventeen: The kids visit the park, Juniper goes to a festival, and the Creator worries that everything is about to go to hell.

Chapter Eighteen: Henbane realizes something about his family’s victims and has a crisis of faith; the Creator realizes that maintaining a group of Chosen is difficult when said Chosen can think for themselves.