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Generation Heirs

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Generation 1: Jane Newman (Completed; Deceased)

Jane Newman has no one in the world but herself; she’s determined to leave a legacy of stability and a coffee shop for her only daughter, Janie.

  • Spouse: Jalen Fontenot
  • Completed Aspirations:
    • Best-Selling Author
    • Painter Extraordinaire
  • Traits:
    • Base: Bookworm, Creative, Loner, Muser
    • Aspiration: Poetic, Expressionistic
    • Reward: Creative Visionary, Savant


Generation Two: Janie Newman (Completed; Deceased)

Janie never wants the kind of toxic relationship her parents had; she’d much rather be friend to many than stuck with one person she’s bound to hate.

  • Parents: Jane Newman and Jalen Fontenot
  • Spouse: Candy Behr
  • Completed Aspirations:
    • Friend of the World
    • Leader of the Pack
    • Musical Genius
  • Traits:
    • Base: Outgoing, Music Lover, Insider, Gregarious
    • Aspiration: Beloved, Natural Leader, Piper
    • Reward: Night Owl, Morning Sim, Incredibly Friendly, Entrepreneurial, Mentor

3e (71)

Generation Three: Janie B [B] Newman (Completed)

B admires the kind of love her mothers shared, but fears the resultant heartbreak; she’ll have the fun of free love without the commitment, thank you.

  • Parents: Adopted by Janie Newman and Candy Behr
  • Spouse: Leo Nelson
  • Completed Aspirations:
    • Serial Romantic
    • Musical Genius
  • Character Traits:
    • Base: Art-Lover, Romantic, Geek, Alluring
    • Aspiration: Player, Piper
    • Reward: Night Owl, Morning Sim, Savant

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Generation Four: Janelle Newman (In Progress)

Janelle is ashamed of her mother’s behavior with men and her career and frustrated with the reputation it gives the rest of her family; she’s going to leave her children with a proper legacy, one others will honor and that they can be proud of.

  • Parents: B Newman and Kole Chavez
  • Spouse: Derek Royal
  • Completed Aspirations:
    • None (Big Happy Family in progress)
  • Traits:
    • Base: Family-Oriented, Perfectionist, Snob, Domestic
    • Aspiration: None
    • Reward: None

Generation Five: Jane Anne Newman (Not Started)

  • Parents: Janelle Newman and Derek Royal
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Completed Aspirations:
    • None
  • Traits:
    • Base: Kleptomaniac
    • Aspiration: None
    • Reward: None



Jalen Fontenot: Generation 1 (Deceased)

The husband of Jane Newman and the father of Janie Newman. Jalen was forced into a father role he was never prepared to due to his girlfriend’s unexpected pregnancy. Though he tried to be a good father, the pressures of adulthood were often too much for him, and he often reverted to childish defense mechanisms.

Candy Behr: Generation 2 (Deceased)

The longtime best friend of Janie Newman, Candy became more than that at Janie’s behest. It was a whirlwind romance relatively late in her life, but she relished it. She loved Janie more than anything, even more than she loved playing the violin (and that was a lot). She regretted that her love for Janie superseded her love for their adopted child, Janie B, but was careful to never let B know that.

Leo Nelson: Generation 3

Leo met B after she had already had three kids, running into her for the first time in her lingerie-turned-sex-shop. Despite the seeming turn offs, Leo was smitten from the moment he saw her. His parents on Sixam would never approve, but he didn’t much care. His only hesitation was when she informed him that she regularly cheated on her lovers, but that didn’t stop them for long. He was eternally grateful when B finally agreed to marry him, after years of wearing her down.

Apollo Newman: Generation Four

Apollo is the son of B Newman and the brother of Janelle Newman. As a son, Apollo was exemplary-he was a momma’s boy and, when his siblings arrived, always willing to help out and take care of his kin. As a brother, he was equally exemplary, though he didn’t always approve of Janelle’s choices as matriarch. He loved his mother greatly, despite her career and relationship choices, and was proud to be a Newman no matter what.

Hari Newman: Generation Four

Hari Newman is the son of B Newman and the twin brother of Janelle Newman. Hari and his siblings were thick as thieves, but he never really understood his sister. She was always craving a better life, while he was happy to go with the flow and take the path of least resistance. Though he missed his sister desperately when he moved out, he knew it was what he needed to do; Janelle needed to take the hard road, and we wasn’t prepared to take it with her.

Leolin Newman: Generation Four (Deceased)

Leolin Newman is the son of B Newman and Leo Nelson, and the brother of Janelle Newman. He was the baby of the family, born many years after the birth of Hari and Janelle. As such, he was beloved by all, especially his sister. He idolized Janelle and believed she could do know wrong, especially since she understood his feelings of shame at his mother’s past behavior. Despite this shame, his mother and father loved him infinitely. His early death by drowning hit the entire family hard. His spirit lives on in the soul of Jane Anne, Janelle’s daughter, who was conceived the day of his death.

Derek Royal: Generation Four

Derek Royal is the spouse of Janelle Newman. Though they are attracted to each other, their marriage is not one of love, but of convenience. He needed a wife who he didn’t hate and who would listen to him without draining his bank account, and she wanted a way into high society. It was a win for them both. Though he wasn’t always satisfied with Janelle’s attempts at being a good housewife and trophy wife, he believed always that he made the right choice.

Arthur Newman: Generation Five

A wee bab.

Heinrich Newman: Generation Five

A wee bab.