The Newman Family Rules

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This is a legacy challenge only in the loosest sense. It is a series of generations of Sims, each with different challenges and a set of rules to follow. However, there is no “failure.” If an heir does not fulfill all of the necessary challenges, then the next heir must accomplish the same things. And there is a loose points system, but not on a generation-by-generation basis: points will only be revealed at the end of the legacy.

The primary challenge, then, is not success, but story-telling (and somewhat related to behavioral psychology): each heir must be directly impacted by the behavior of their parents’ behaviors and parenting style. There must be a logical progression between the way a child grew up, and their behavior as an heir.


The Newmans, progressive family that they are, are a seniority direct line matriarchy. That is to say, only women can become heir, and only if they are a direct decedent of the previous heir. The oldest female child will inherit the home and the business when they become a young adult. However, adopted children are only eligible for heirship if: (a) all female children of the previous heir are deceased or (b) the previous heir has no blood-related female children.


Only the heir can be directly controlled. All other Sims in the household most operate autonomously. This includes spouses and future heirs-an heir does not become controllable until they become a Young Adult. Once the next heir becomes a Young Adult, the previous heir ends their “reign” and is no longer controllable. This is in line with the rules associated with the ISBI challenge-though this is not exactly an ISBI challenge in all senses, hopefully the results will be just as entertaining.


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