Poison Ivy: 16

I finally figured it out, I think. The haunting I mean. Steps have been taken.

E (26)

E (27)

And that should be the last of that.

E (37)

Alright, everyone. That should be the last of the hauntings. With our new anti-monster nightlight and the ghosts gone, we should have anything to worry about until the next babies come along and we need a new daddy.

“Are you sure, Creator?”

Very sure, Henbane. There’s no need to worry.

E (46)

Especially when you’re having such cute baby sisters. Twins!

E (49)

“They’re not cute. They’re not cute at all. They’re dumb little babies.”

What do you mean, Henbane?

“Well, look at Iris over there. Stupid vegetarian, first of all, which means no one gets to eat meat anymore. And Lily loves the outdoors, which means she’s playing outside all the time, which means Mom wants us all to go outside more.”

What’s wrong with that?

“It’s just… I just don’t like it! And Iris is over there taking up all of Mom’s time.”

You at least got new beds out of the deal, right? That’s not too bad, surely.

“The beds are nice, but I don’t want beds. I just want… I just want…”

Want what, Henbane.

“I don’t know. Go away, Creator.”

Okay then… maybe he’s hitting his preteen years a little early or something? He’s not always the brightest of the Juniper’s children, but he’s not usually this angry. That’s normally the role that Rosary fills.

E (55)

I can see why he might feel a little upstaged by his new sisters though. They are adorable. Identical twins, with long blonde hair and great taste in nightwear.

E (56)

E (57)

E (61)

But very needy. They seek Juniper’s attention constantly and, when she’s occupied with someone else, they’re hanging very close to their siblings. Not a lot of independence going on there yet, but I suppose that makes sense. They’re the youngest, and the others had to grow up a bit during the time of the hauntings. They had to grow a thicker skin. Iris and Lily haven’t experienced that. They haven’t even had to confront the death of their baby daddy… baby mama? Life donor. Anyway, they didn’t have to deal with it, because of the unfortunate circumstances involving the unlocked door (a mistake that will not be repeated).

They’ll get a thicker skin in time.

For now, though, perhaps Henbane will just have to be annoyed? Hopefully he’ll get used to them.

E (64)

Are you cleaning the dishes, Henbane? That was nice of you.

“Yeah, I just felt like helping. You don’t have to sound so surprised about it though. I’m helpful all the time.”

I can’t say I’ve really noticed a lot of it, but maybe that’s true. If so, I’m sorry I haven’t commended you on it before.


E (78)

Look at you, doing your homework! I’m so proud of you!

“I do my homework. The girls aren’t the only good ones in this family.”

Or maybe it wasn’t the twins he’s annoyed with?

Maybe he’s just stir crazy. Juniper had a good idea the other day—an outdoor excursion. Though it would be nice to go camping, there’s really not enough money in the budget for that—especially with the fancy new beds for the kiddos. She decided the park, at least, would be a good idea—a bit of change in pace. Hopefully that will stir Henbane out of his funk.

E (67)

“I’m not in a funk! Just…”

Hold on, Henbane. We’ll get to this next time, okay? When we’re at the park? When hopefully you’re in a better mood?

“Going to switch to one of the girls now, are you?”

Probably. Everyone else is a family is a girl, so if I switch that’s kind of a necessity.

“Yeah. You think I haven’t noticed? All the boys… they…”

They what? What boys, Henbane? You’re the only boy.

“Never mind.”

…Okay then.

I really do hope he improves at the park.



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