Wing: 2

Challenge Day 2: Something that makes you smile

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This may seem like an odd thing to make me smile, this old, rusty, shriveled up statue of a gargoyle. And the candles are decidedly… cultish.

This may surprise you, but as a vampire I’m not automatically attracted to all this kind of dark shit, you know? I like normal things. Like books. Like cute shoes. Like school, sometimes—the elders homeschooled me in a lot of things. A lot of unnecessary things, mostly, like calculus, but also a lot of interesting things. A little bit of vampire lore. Literature. History. Vampires have a way of making history come alive—probably something to do with living through a lot of the times in the books.

Anyway, any usual day, this wouldn’t make me smile. But this was the first sign of Forgotten Hollow after days of wandering through the woods. If I’d been any more powerful than a fledgling, I could have turned into a bat or something, eased my own way. Instead, because of the coven’s archaic rules against teaching minors anything about how to control their own powers, I was stuck with only the knowledge every vampire knows: stay away from garlic, drink plasma packs when you’re thirsty, meditate if you’re desperately low on energy, and, above all, stay the fuck out of the sun.

When I saw this gargoyle, I’d be wandering for a few weeks. My scrapes had all scabbed over, my muscles weren’t sore from fighting anymore—just from endless walking. I was running low on plasma packs. And I was constantly looking over my shoulder—I don’t know what we’d done to be targeted by hunters, but once they have a coven in their sights, they don’t let anyone escape. This gargoyle was a sign of food, of shelter, and of safety. Hunters barely dare to wander into Forgotten Hollow. The Wing Coven didn’t quite understand why.

Maybe I’d learn.

But I didn’t care. I saw this gargoyle, and I walked past it, and I smiled, knowing that I was on allied ground, and I was as safe as a vampire could be against a hunter.

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