Wing: 1

Challenge Day 1: Self Portrait

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My name is Sparrow Drake, and I am the first of my coven to arrive in Forgotten Hollow.

We’ve been hearing about Forgotten Hollow for ages. Centuries, really, if you count my elders (and it’s never wise to discount them). For the most part, we regarded the covens of Forgotten Hollow with a distant sort of respect. To house several unbound vamps in close quarters without any one attempting a coup or the houses falling to blood feuds… it’s nearly unprecedented. They’ve even come to a bit of truce with the hunters. Regardless, my Wing Coven was perfectly happy where we were. We went around with the business of covens—feeding, turning new vamps, and setting our own unprecedented standard: a born vampire. Not someone turned, but a bloodsucker born of two others.

But no coven remains untargeted for long. Distant from any other covens or unbound vampires that might be willing to ally with us, the vampire hunters found our long-secret lair and rooted us out. Those of us that escaped—assuming anyone else escaped…–scattered.

My elder Ruth, twelve centuries young, told me what I should do just before I saw the stake… just before they caught her. She told me to find the Forgotten Hollow. To befriend the inhabitants there, the bevy of friendly unbounds. To rally them, maybe, and rebuild the coven; or else, just to ally with them in a bid for the survival of the Wing Coven.

Maybe it’s not the smartest, but in case anyone in my family is still out there… I’m embracing the current media. Some of my elders—my parents, especially—are still stuck two, three, five centuries back. They’re old enough to know that it’s impossible to keep up with every change in technology and society. But I’m only twenty years old—a fledgling, practically a baby. I can’t guarantee they’d think to look, but… if it helps any survivors of my coven?

I’ll be documenting on social media. And I’ll be here, in Forgotten Hollow, for as long as it takes for someone to find me.

I have eternity to wait.

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