Poison Ivy: 15

It’s been a week and the house is still haunted. Or… something. Something’s wrong. Nightshade’s the only one holding it together, it seems. Between under-bed monsters, ghosts, and the Reaper, everyone else has a rather… illogical sleep schedule.


“Goodnight, Creator.”

Goodnight, Nightshade.

She really is a good kid. I know, back on the favoritism again. But she gets things done. If thought Juniper was going to wear out anytime soon, I’d chose Nightshade as my next Baby Mama. As it is, Juniper is still going strong—despite having four children, with another on the way, she looks as good as she always has.

But back to Nightshade. Tucked safely in bed, fast asleep, while Daphne is…


Back at the computer. Of course. Looks like a ghost is haunting that incense again—they favor that thing.

Rosary is talking to their bear.


Beary isn’t the most conventional stuffed animal, as far as his skeletal form, but I convinced Juniper it would be fitting at the time. I didn’t know that the house would eventually be haunted, else I might have reconsidered, but Rosary doesn’t seem to be bothered. She doesn’t get bothered by much of anything—something good about that kid. Nothing shakes her. Not Reapers, not ghosts, not even the tentacle monster. She’s a little spooked by that one, but she actively tries to make friends with it, the little weirdo. It’s a good effort, I’ll give her that.


Nope, not perturbed in the least.

But also not asleep, which really isn’t helpful. It’s a school day tomorrow, children. Be like Nightshade and go off to bed. Do you all want to be coming back from school like this again?


Or, even worse, do you want to end up like this?


Don’t do that to yourselves. It’s just embarrassing. For you and for me.

Ah, there you go.


All tucked in and asleep. My fruitless screaming into the air (unheard by you all, of course, attached to Nightshade as I am) did nothing, but it made me feel better, and maybe you all got the general gist of it.



Good gracious, what are you all doing up again?? Even you, Nightshade?

“The—the monster came back again.”

Well, damn. I don’t know what to do about this. Go get a hug from your mother, Nightshade, then back to sleep with you.


“I think I’m too wound up to go to sleep now though… Maybe I’ll talk to Daphne. Or Rosary. Rosary’s not afraid of anything.”

Are you afraid, Nightshade?

“…no. No. I’m not afraid. Just… Rosary’s even more unafraider.”

Right… You know, Nightshade, it’s okay to be afraid. I’m afraid sometimes, too.

“You are? What’s bad enough that you’re afraid of it?”

Nothing you’ll ever have to see, dearest. Everything that you see may look scary to you. But just know that it’s all something that I can handle. Nothing like that will ever hurt you. I guarantee it.



Do you trust me, Nightshade?


Then trust me on this. I will protect you, and your brother and sisters, and your mother, with everything in my power. And that’s a lot of power, Nightshade. You are my Chosen. I am with you for a reason.

“Okay, Creator.”


“But I’m going to stay up with Daphne a little more, just again. Give the monster some time to go asleep.”

Alright, Nightshade. But don’t stay up too long.


That was a pointless request. A child afraid isn’t easily calmed, even by a supposedly almighty being.

That’s the probably with being a Creator in the way that I am. I’m kind of running with a new style… more hands on, you know? There all the time, directing things in the day to day, staying involved. Most Creators run things from the background, only stepping in when things get bad or when somebody needs to straighten up their act.

I didn’t think that would work for me. I’m not that distant. I don’t like it. The others said I would get attached but… I don’t care.

But I can see the benefit, I think. When you only pop in when things go really wrong, after looking on from afar, there’s no need to act on the fly. Ever. Everything is always planned out, so when you intercede, it just goes right. There’s a plan, and things happen within the boundaries of that plan, and then the Chosen are blown away by the extraordinary act of power and beneficence. They are all good and all powerful and utterly indestructible.

I like being attached to my Chosen. I like talking to them. I like figuring them out, even ninnies like Rosary. But the closeness I have to me means that they have that same closeness to me. They see me a little too often, experience my presence too much, to be too awed by me anymore. And Juniper, at least, has seen me question, I think. Seen me without a plan. It means she knows I’m not infallible.

That’s the greatest power of a Creator. The illusion of infallibility. And now I’m having to figure out how to govern without it.

It involves a lot of hoping and praying. To nothing, really, since there’s no one for me to pray to. No greater Creator, no boss man. Just me.


You really should go to bed now, Nightshade.”

“No thanks. I’m okay.”

Okay. I trust you to know when you’re ready. But you should trust me, too…

“Yeah, okay.”

…Lesson learned here (I’m learning a lot of lessons). Never let a child tell you when it’s time for them to go to bed. They always lie.

Which is why…


Good morning, everybody! Are we all ready for school? Daphne looks ready. And Nightshade, are you?

“Um… *yawn* yeah, sure.”

Are you certain?

“Um… yeah. No. I’m ready for school.”

You don’t really look it. Did you get enough sleep?

“Uh-huh. Lots of sleep. Tons of sleep. I need to go to school… I have this… *yawn* project.”



As much as there’s an issue of disobedient children (there’s always an issue of disobedient children), this haunting issue has my smartest Chosen child missing school out of exhaustion. Nightshade loves school. She’s the only one with a B.

Something has to be done about this. I don’t know what’s causing it yet, but by Me, I told that child that she didn’t have anything to be afraid of. And I’m not going to let her down.

I’ll get rid of these damn ghosts and monsters and Reapers if it’s the last thing I do.

(Which it won’t be. I’m immortal. But you get the point).

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