Poison Ivy: 4

*Warning: this chapter is a little heavy, and deals with remorse and death (read: murder).*

Alright Juniper. This is it.

“Are you sure I have to do this?”

It’s the only way, Juniper. Your most important tasks are to spread your bloodline and to ensure balance in the world. You cannot do one without doing the other. Do you enjoy being the chosen?

“I’m calling him now.”


Juniper’s twins are so innocent now. They’re adorable, too-she has good genes. And of course Don is a stunner-any baby with him couldn’t fail to be attractive. It’s funny, though, how opposite they look. Rosary popped out like something of a flower child, a kind soul, while Nightshade looks kind, still (deceiving), but has more a mischievous look about her.


They get along so well, for all that the one of them is evil. Rosary seems to keep up well with the moods of her sister.

“I want them to stay that way.”

They will. Do you really think that this would change that? They will know, as well as you do, that you are only doing your duty. It may not be the most savory of tasks, but it’s important. Don’t hesitate now.

“I’ll tell her that we’re doing the Creator’s work.”

As you well should.

“I can barely look at him, knowing what I’m about to do.”

Toughen up, honey. Or he’ll see right through you.

“It’s not like I love him or anything… but also, how can I not feel some affection for him? He gave me my children, and I adore every part of them.”

Nothing more than a sperm donor, my dear. He’s already here. There’s no turning back now.


I do feel some sympathy for you, Juniper. I do. I understand why you find this so difficult. He’s only your first victim. It’ll get easier with time; but honestly, the point is not for it to be easy. The point is that it’s the right thing to do. You’re about to introduce many new lives to this world. You can’t create live without a cost. Wouldn’t you rather initiate the small cost necessary, rather than end up causing a chaos of problems for so many others?


I do understand.

But do it now, Juniper.

“I hat being in this water. It feels like tar on my skin.” 

That’s the guilt, darling, not the water.


“Goodbye, Don.”


Good. It’ll take a day or two, I think, but it shouldn’t be long. The limbs grow tired quickly treading water, and he’s got no way out.

Don’t feel too bad, Juniper. This is the right thing for you. For your children.

Keep your trust in your Creator, my dear. You have the potential to do so; that’s why you were chosen. Everything will turn out alright in the end.


3 thoughts on “Poison Ivy: 4

    1. I feel kind of bad for Juniper too! The Creator has little to no sympathy, but will hopefully encourage Juniper to settle more into her lot in life. I’m sure she’ll never be completely okay with the murdering thing, but she really likes babies – maybe she’ll focus herself on that part.

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