Poison Ivy: 2

You’d think that Juniper could relax now that she’s pregnant. But no, she’s still a busy, busy girl. Isn’t that right, Juniper?


“They threw me this welcome party.”

But you’re not going to let it go to waste, are you! There are some fine young men you have as your neighbors. And some young ladies, if need be—I bet we could have a woman impregnate you, how does that sound?


“Weird. It sounds weird. Hush, I’m talking to Sergio.”

Ah, the great Sergio Romeo. I guess he’ll be the next baby daddy?






Poor little baby in there though, it looks so crushed when you press your belly up against people like that.

What do you think, baby?

Do you feel your mother planning your next sibling?

Can you see your mother struggle to make money for your future?


Not that she’s really struggling. She’s quite good at painting, isn’t she? You have a talented mummy, baby.


She does work so hard. So many paintings in so few days. I think she’s worried about having enough room for you baby. More room requires more money, and she’s just trying to make more money.


…she’s not going to make it with shit like that though.

Oh. I probably shouldn’t curse to you, baby.


Can you tell how excited she is baby? How excited she is to meet you? She practically ran to the hospital, and it wasn’t because of the pain.

Are you ready, Juniper?


“So ready.”


Don’t be nervous now, baby. Everything will be just fine.

Can you even hear me, baby? I’m the Creator; I should know, shouldn’t I. I create all, but I don’t know all, I suppose.

Maybe, when you grow up, you’ll let me know.


Time to come out now.


Ah, what a beautiful baby. Screaming baby, but beautiful.


Two babies?

Oops. Like I said, I’m not all knowing. I hope I didn’t give you two a complex, calling you “baby.” I guess we’ll see.

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