3n: The Park Plan

People speak of babies with great levity: oh, the responsibility; oh, the pressure; oh, the hardship; oh, the change. Mostly of the change—how your relationships will change, your behaviors will change, your habits, your work schedule, your entire life. It’s all meant to change when you add babies.

But, as I told Apollo, things wouldn’t be that different. I knew, from my experience with Apollo, that things didn’t have to change that much. And, since I now had another body the house who, though not exactly responsible, was capable of watching out for some siblings, the change was even.

Really, the most impactful thing was the remnants of my pregnancy hormones, making me crave funtimes and woohoo at all hours of the day (by the Creator, were they impactful).

3n (2)
B “Alright, baby, let’s get you fed.”
3n (3)
B “Yeah, my hungry little baby Janelle.”
3n (5)
B “And Hari, my sweet little boy. Are you hungry too, love?”
3n (15)
B “Just a little more, and then I’ve got to go. I’ve a guest coming, little one. But your brother will watch you, hm? Won’t that be fun.”
3n (1)
B (in the distance) “APOLLO! I’ve got a friend coming by, so you’re in charge of your brother and sister, alright?” / Apollo “Yeah, whatever.”

I trusted Apollo with the responsibility. More than that, I trusted that it would change his feelings on his siblings. He was still so distant from them, and still from me, even months after they were born, spending most of his time on the computer or doing schoolwork. It was saddening, but I figured that it was only to be expected. If he had been worried for so long that the babies would replace him in my affections, the problem wouldn’t be instantly solved by the babies being born.

I tried to reassure him on a regular basis but, you know… I was busy. Now that the babies were born, I had to renew my focus on my passions: kissing people and selling things to people who wanted to… kiss.

3n (17)
Gia “B! Lemme in, woman!”

I was, of course, more focused on the former. Pregnancy hormones, Janelle, remember? I’m actually surprised with how little interest you have in your sexuality and woohooing needs, considering how dedicated you made me to mine…

3n (20)
B “It’s great to see you, Gia! Thanks for stopping by!”
3n (22)
Gia “Yeah, no problem. How could I say no to a hot mama like you?” / B “Wait, mama? You know about my kids?”

Then again, it’s probably not a surprise how innocent you’ve been. Once you were out of me, you were quite dedicated to keeping me from getting any. It seemed like anytime I got close, you’d scream.

3n (26)
B (from upstairs) “I’LL BE RIGHT DOWN! JUST GOTTA FEED THEM.” / Gia “…uh huh. Not exactly what I had in mind for this visit.”
3n (24)
B “You are very good at keeping me from woohooing, you know that?”
3n (28)
B “Hey, look, I’m sorry about that.” / Gia “Yeah, you know what? I think I should go. I didn’t know you had kids, and you seem pretty busy with them…”
3n (30)
B “No, wait! What about… what about we get out of here? I mean, my older son can take care of them for a while. And we can go somewhere a little more… private?”

Maybe it wasn’t the most responsible thing for me to do. But, if you’ve learned anything about me at this point in the story, it should be that I wasn’t always the most responsible. And I knew it! I just didn’t particularly care about the shortcoming, and had no intention to resolve it. I was responsible enough—my twin babies were at home with some supervision, where they would be safe and wouldn’t catch strange diseases from unvaccinated daycare germ monsters. And my son was at home learning how to be responsible.

Hm… a little hypocritical, that. Me flouting my responsibility, while making Apollo learn some…

Eh, whatever.

I had a good time.

3n (31)
B “See, isn’t this so much nicer?” / Gia “Definitely!”
3n (34)
Gia “You know, I’ve always really loved the park. It’s a great place to hang out and relax, you know? All the flowers, the birds chirping.”
3n (33)
B “Yeah. You know, I’m really more of an “indoors” kinda girl—love geeking out on the computer—but, um. Yeah, this is nice too.”
3n (37)
B “You know what’d be nicer though?” / Gia “What’s that?”

3n (38)3n (39)

Things escalated rather quickly after that.

You know, it worked for me, Janelle. The system that I created that day. I only came out on my… dates, you might say… after Apollo came home from school, so that he could keep an eye on you and Hari. He knew that, if anything went wrong, he was to call me. And, if I couldn’t be reached? There were always neighbors across the street.

That way, I didn’t have to admit to being a single mom (which often scared away the younger, less mature men (most often the most attractive too)) and wasn’t interrupted by screaming babies every five minutes. It was a win-win.

3n (40)
B “Yeah, you wanna come meet me in the park? I’ll show you a good time. Oh, you’re at work? No problem.”
3n (42)
B “Hey, there. You look like you could use some company.”

3n (46)

And then I could come home, eat some things, spend some time with my quietly sleeping baby-cuties, and go to bed.

Did I get to spend much time with Apollo this way? I mean, no. Not so much. Most often, the second he came home from school, I set out some sandwich ingredients and headed straight out the door.

But he was fine with it. When I was young, I remember resenting my parents a bit for any kind of hovering they did. I wanted to be independent, to do my own thing. And as long as Apollo was passing his classes and staying out of trouble, I could let him be independent in that way. I could see nothing wrong with it.

3n (49)
B “Yeah, did Apollo take good care of you, my sweet lion cub? I’m glad.”

Especially when it kept my dates from balking away.

3n (63)
Michael “Hey, B! You home?”
3n (64)
B “Michael, um, hey. What’re you doing here?” / Michael “Just thought I’d stop by, say hey. Maybe have a little fun, if you’re up for it?”
3n (65)
B “Well, um, actually, I’m a bit busy right now. But if you wanted to meet up in the park later…”
3n (67)
B “And here’s a little something for the road.”
3n (71)
Michael “Yeah, s—hey, wait. Who’s in your house right now?” / B “Oh, don’t worry about it. Probably just a neighbor or… something.”
3n (66)
Michael “Those are kids. Are those your kids???”

It was kind of funny how high and squeaky their voices got, when they found out that I was a single mother of three.

Definitely not as funny when they said that they weren’t ready for that kind of responsibility, and high tailed it before I could get so much as a quickie behind a bush…

Yeah, the park system definitely worked better for me.

Much, much better.


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