Chapter Three: B

Janelle, you had it good. I can assure you of that much.

After all, I was present for your entire childhood. I was there to support you and help you and provide you with whatever you needed. I had a job. I did well at it. And I had fun in the meantime, which is more than I can say for my mother. Mommy always told me that my mother had been quite a wild child in her day, but I could hardly believe it. From my perspective, she didn’t do much more than play music and teach adults how to play to violin. And yeah, sure, her job was cool—the name “Janie Newman” always sparked recognition around town—but that wasn’t wild. It wasn’t fun. It was just… a job.

The way I see it, she set a rather poor example for how to live a happy life. After all, after Mommy died, Mom had nothing left to live for. You shouldn’t be so wrapped up in your spouse, so dependent on them for happiness, that without them you have nothing. She was like a shell of a woman.

To be fair, she did set one important example—how fantastic it was to love. You should have seen your grandmothers together, Janelle. They were all over each other. It was inspiring to see how much they still loved each other (and each other’s bodies *winkwink*), even when they were old and gray.

But, again, to be so wrapped up in one lover? So dependent on one person for that sort of happiness? Um, no. I hope I showed you, my dear Janelle, the value and the fun of having that fantastic love with multiple people. And I hope I showed you the value of having fun at all—my mother enjoyed her work, but didn’t love it. It didn’t entertain her. Did it seem to bring her joy? …maybe. But that’s not the point.

My advice to you, dear Janelle, is to have fun. Whatever you decide to do in life, make sure it 100%, wholeheartedly entertains you.


Mommy B


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