1.7: Dating!



Jane: “Is it time yet? Is it time yet? Is it time yet? Oh, I’m just SO excited, Jimmy!”

I woke early the next morning, unable to hold in my enthusiasm. I kept one eye on the clock as I drank my juice (nothing heavy for me this morning-I wanted to look good for Jalen).

Before I knew it, it was time. (Or, close to time. I may have been a tad early to the restaurant). I had suggested the Rattlesnake Bar in Oasis Springs the night before-though I had never been there, I knew that I didn’t want to date at Blue Velvet. That’s where he worked, after all. I was certain that we would be interrupted by his friends and coworkers there, and I wanted his time to myself.

He was already there when I arrived (he must have been eager too!!), so I sat myself down at the table across from him.



Jalen: “You look lovely this morning.”

Jane: “Oh, you’re too kind! I just threw this on!”

All I knew going into the date was that I wanted to pace myself. I needed to pace myself. Me making the first move with men had not gone so well in the past, and I wanted to make sure that this one I didn’t scare away. I liked him. A lot.


Jane: “Have I told you that it’s one of my lifelong dreams to run a coffee shop and live above one?”

Jalen: Really? That’s such a good idea! You know, food is mostly just a hobby of mine now (gotta pay the bills), but it’s always been a fantasy to start my own eatery.

We were so compatible! Other than the fact that he had a real, 9 to 5 job (he was a Live Chat Support Agent), we agreed on everything! He liked food, I liked food. He read books, I read books. I wanted to flirt with him…


And he wanted me to flirt with him! Success!

By the end of the date, I was getting a little tipsy (I know it was the morning, Janie, but I was on a date! And I’ve never been one to be that classy, you know that). I had told myself that I wouldn’t do this today-that it was too risky, what if he ran away, but…



It was such a sweet first kiss, Janie. I was the first kiss for both of us, and we were just so innocent about it all. He kind of just stared at me at first, eyes all wide, like he couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was adorable. I couldn’t help but take it a little further-I don’t know where the confidence came from, but I blame it on the drinks.




Jane: “You’re so sexy.”

….I hadn’t realized Deandre was being such a creeper about it. I would have punched him in the face, staring at my butt like that after he so crassly turned me down.



Jane: *mwah mwah mwah*

Like I said, we were tipsy. I was tipsy. He was tipsy. It was noon, and we were making out in the middle of a dive bar like a pair of horny teenagers. But, you know what? It was worth it, Janie darling. I don’t advocate it, to be sure-be better than your mother, dear. But, at the time? So worth it.



Jalen: “I had such a great time. I’d love to see more of you!”

Jane: “You would?? … oh, I mean, yes, of course! I’d love to see more of you, too. Give me a call?”

I went home that afternoon feeling beyond successful. I was high on life, in fact. I liked him. He liked me! He was going to call! What more could a girl want?

…Well, a decent home, a nice salary… those things are good, too. Even though I was still a little out of it, when I got home, I decided to settle down and make those other important things a little better too. I wrote some love poetry, like an infatuated school girl, and dedicated the cheesy rhymes to the new love of my life, Jalen.



Odes to Jalen: The beginning of a love epic.

I get attached easily, darling. You should have learned this by living with me, and certainly by listening to the stories of my romantic life. So even after one date with Jalen (a resoundingly successful date, might I add), I was convinced he was the one.


By around 4 o’clock, I had mostly gotten into the rhythm of writing love poetry. I wouldn’t say it was great, but I thought it captured my newfound love of Jalen Fontenot quite well. But, just as I was about to finish…




It was- (Yes, Janie, and I got a bigger bed. But that’s not really important right now. Stop interrupting).

It was Jalen!

Jane: “Hello?”

I was surprised he had called so soon.

Jalen: “Hey there.”

He sounded a little uncomfortable.

Jalen: “So… I don’t know if this is strange, that I’m calling you so soon, or if you’re going to think I’m some creepy weird stalker, but… Would you want to go out with me again tonight?”

I had no hesitation.

Jane: “Yes!”

Jalen: “Oh, yeah, I figured that would be your answer, I knew it was too soon- wait. Yes?”

Jane: “Yes, Jalen. Of course, yes.”

I laughed a little. He sounded so surprised, so adorably awkward.

Jalen: “Really?”

Jane: “Yes, really. You like me, I like you, why shouldn’t we see each other again, even this soon?”

Jalen: “Oh! Great! That’s great! I’ll see you tonight then, bye-”

Jane: “Wait!”

I had to stop him before he hung up the phone.

Jane: “Jalen, I don’t know where we’re meeting. And what time?”

Jalen: “Oh, right…”

He was awkward again. I could nearly feel his blush through the phone.

Jalen: “Right. Um, the Rattlesnake Bar again? Now?”

Jane: “Absolutely. I’ll be there ASAP! See you soon!”

I fell back on my bed with a mighty, joyous flop. He really, really liked me, apparently!



Jalen: “I was so glad you accepted! I’m not sure I could have gone much longer without seeing you again!”

We fell back into our conversations like we had never left each other’s presence.

Nothing was hard with Jalen, I found. Every moment, the conversation flowed easily, the chemistry strengthened, and my adoration for him grew.


We stayed until nearly closing time. By this time, I was so taken with Jalen, so certain of myself, that I took the plunge.



Jane: “So are you… my boyfriend now, maybe?”

Jalen: “Sure, whatever. If I’m your boyfriend now, could I stay the night?”

He got over his blushy, awkward self rather quickly, if you ask me. Almost as if it were an act. At the time, I didn’t notice it, really. All I noticed was that (1) I wasn’t entirely certain that I wanted Jalen to spend the night, (2) I was certain I would do it anyway, and (3) at least I had now had a bed big enough for the both of us.

I won’t get into it, Janie. No child needs to hear the details of their conception. So I’ll leave you with this summary:

03-20-16_5-40-39 PM

Jalen: “Oh, we don’t have to use protection, right? I mean, I guess we could, if you really, really want to, but… it just doesn’t feel as good, you know.”

Jane: “Oh… um, yeah, I guess that’s fine.”

Use protection, Janie. He’ll get over it “not feeling as good.” It feels just fine.

I don’t regret what came of that night in the least. I need you to know that. In no way do I regret you. I love you, though I’m not always the best at showing it, and I would never give you up for anything.

But, I do regret the circumstances of that night. I wasn’t ready, and I conceded because I didn’t want him to leave… I regret the night. But I will never regret you.

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