1.2: Resourcefulness

I was terrified. It was only my first day of being on my own, and my plans had already fallen through. How would I eat? How I make money? Where would I sleep-surely not on that wooden bench!

I needed a new plan.

But first, I needed to get away from the cesspool that was my new home.

I headed to the library. I was quite the bookworm, so I had always found solace in literature. When I needed answers, books had them. When I wanted to learn something, books taught me. And when I needed an escape, books were always there for me.

The library in Willow Creek was incredible.

03-19-16_1-07-38 PM

Jane: “So many books to chose from!”

It was two stories hall, stocked full of books of either kind. Fiction, mystery, short story, romance, self-help. They even had some computers, there for public use, and several beautiful bathrooms (after availing myself of the toilet and shower in my own home, the comparison was quite stark).

I finally settled on Writing Volume 1: The Conjugation Conundrum. I wasn’t a fan of Rosie and Robbie Luteces (they had written some of our textbooks in high school), but it was the only book on writing in the library that was suited for someone of my skill level. I settled down on the main floor to read.

03-19-16_1-08-11 PM

Jane: “How nice is this? Comfortable chair, nice atmosphere, so many books. This is the life.”

03-19-16_1-08-17 PM

Jane: “One day, I’ll make my house look like this.”

03-19-16_1-08-30 PM

Jane: “Wait. Why are you here?”

I won’t say that I had a problem with people, but I did have a hard time dealing with them, especially when I was trying to concentrate. In this case, when I was so stressed, Nancy Landgraab’s presence was so intensely unwanted that I grew immediately tense. I don’t know why it happened so quickly, maybe it’s just Nancy-I’ve never much liked her.

I beat a hasty retreat upstairs, trying to avoid the negative emotion. I didn’t need anymore negativity in my life right now, thank you very much.

03-19-16_1-09-47 PM

Jane: “Damn Nancy, ruining my good time.”

03-19-16_1-10-26 PM

Jane: “Sitting up here is so much better.”

Within a few hours, I had finished the textbook. It was as bland as all of Rosie and Robbie’s work, but at least I felt better equipped to write the next great American novel.

Or at least to work in that direction. For now, I would start with something a bit simpler: Children’s books.

03-19-16_1-20-28 PM

Good Morning, Sun: The long-awaited continuation of best-seller Good Night, Moon.

Unfortunately, in order to work on my writing, I had to return downstairs-the computer labs were situated on the main floor. And the main floor was the land of crowds, the land of people, the land of Nancy Landgraab. I steeled myself for the challenge ahead.

03-19-16_1-19-10 PM
“Alright, this isn’t so bad.”

Jane: “Alright, this isn’t so bad.”

03-19-16_1-21-19 PM

Jane: “Wait, who’s that in the corner? Is she looking at me?”

03-19-16_1-22-45 PM

Jane: “Why are you standing so close? Ugh.”

03-19-16_1-23-23 PM

Jane: “Go AWAY, Daphne!”

Daphne: “Fine, fine, I’m leaving. You don’t have to yell.”

Daphne Vo just would not leave. And by the time she wizened up and stopped staring at me, Enrique Cobb, the librarian, was on my tail.

03-19-16_1-24-13 PM

Jane: “Why do people always have to walk so clooooose?”

03-19-16_1-23-57 PM

Jane: “Of course you sat down, Enrique. Of course you did.”

He even followed me to the bathroom (such a beautiful bathroom. I was so jealous of that bathroom at the time).

03-19-16_1-26-03 PM

Jane: “Lalalalalala.”

03-19-16_1-26-24 PM


After that final embarrassment, there was only so much more I could take. I was tired, I was hungry, I was in shock from the sudden depletion of my bank account, and someone had just followed me into the bathroom. Once I finished Good Morning, Sun, I left the library and headed to the park.

The park isn’t necessarily the first place one would to think to go when they are tired and hungry. But, with only 7 simoleons to my name, I could not spare the money to cook a meal. So I went to the park, where there are grills and picnic tables and hungry people making tasty things. It would be easy to grab a serving and skulk off somewhere to eat it.

This may sound sneaky, Janie darling, or even criminal. But, you must understand, things were desperate.

Unfortunately, by the time I got to the park in Willow Creek, it was already 7:40 in the evening-not an ideal time to have a picnic. The only denizens of the park were a small child, Enrique, and a teen by the name of Grant Vo.

03-19-16_1-29-52 PM

Jane: “You’re here too, Enrique?? Shouldn’t you be at work??”

03-19-16_1-30-09 PM

Jane: “You look friendly! Maybe you’ll get up in a few minutes to make food!”

…such desperate times.

Grant Vo, as it turned out, was not friendly. In fact, he was quite mean. When I sat down with him and went to join his game of chess, he greeted me quite rudely, and set about insulting everything from my hair style to my manner of dress.

03-19-16_1-30-53 PM
Grant “You know, you’re really too fat to wear that shirt” / “I look fabulous, you’re just jealous.”

Grant: “You now, you’re really too fat to wear that shirt.”

Jane: “I look fabulous, you’re just jealous.”

03-19-16_1-34-06 PM
Grant “Lonely lady, having to come play chess in the park with a teenager. Nobody want you around?” / “Wow, that hit a little close to home…”

Grant: “Lonely lady, having to come play chess in the park with a random teenager. Nobody want you around?”

Jane: “Wow, that hit a little close to home…”

I left quite quickly after that.

Since the park had proved a bust for food, I made an attempt at the local lounge. Though there likely wouldn’t be any food, I could at least fill my empty belly with a drink.

03-19-16_1-38-16 PM

Jane: “So many people around. But it’s worth it if I get some FOOD.”

03-19-16_1-39-14 PM

Jane: “CHIPS! Praise the Creator!”

03-19-16_1-39-23 PM

Jane: “So delicious. Mmmmmm.”

03-19-16_1-39-30 PM

Vivian: “Hey there!”

Jane: “Um, no. I’m just here for the chips.”

03-19-16_1-40-54 PM

Jane: “I’ll just take this… Nothing to see here, this is totally my drink…”

I may or may not have taken Vivian’s drink. She didn’t miss it-I saw her order another moments later. And dang, was it good.

03-19-16_1-42-14 PM

Jane: “I’m out! Too many people, don’t got time for that many people!”

The drinks may have gotten to my head a little, but I was plenty fine to walk home. Though it would have been nice if I had gotten a tad more tipsy. Just enough to let me pretend that I was heading home to more than one room, to a bed instead of a bench.

I was tired.

Hopefully things would look better in the morning.

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