The Year is 2016. You are new to Newcrest, having just moved in at the end of block. Your house is beautiful, custom built to your specifications before you arrived. But it is empty. And you brought nothing to fill it with—you’ll need to begin anew.

There is a shop at the end of the block. More than a shop, really; a superstore might be the more correct term. It is large, stories high, the biggest and grandest building on the block. If it weren’t for the sign over the door—Newman Historical Market—you might mistake it for a mansion, the home of one of Newcrest’s wealthier citizens. In that case, you might have knocked on the grand double doors. Instead, you check the schedule of hours beside the door, confirm that Newman Market is open, and enter.

There is a small entryway when you first enter. Against either wall is a set a low tables, topped with matching flower arrangements. And mounted on both walls are plaques. The one to the right contains a list of names: Jane, Janie, Janie B, Janelle… On the other is the following:

Welcome to Newman Historical Market.

 The Newmans have grown with this town. We have prospered with it, failed with it. We have celebrated victories and mourned demises. We have made many friends, and some enemies. But for fifteen generations, no matter the circumstance, we have wanted to serve you loyally. From its humble beginnings as an attempted coffee shop, fifteen generations ago, our family has grown into an essential and well-loved aspect of this town’s history. Thank you for helping us finally prosper as this town as prospered. Thank you for being a loyal customer.

The Newman Historical Market appreciates your business.

c. 2016

Fifteen generations. You ponder that number. How many years that must have been. How many ups and downs. You are impressed. You wonder why the Market has only opened recently, if the family has intended to open a shop for so long… Well, no matter. The store is open now. And it looks full of supplies.

Before you enter the Market completely, you notice something else on the table. A book?

Newman Family History, the cover reads.

You open it to the first page…

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