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Welcome to Sul Sul Simlit. Here, you’ll find stories based on the Sims 4, both original and challenge based. There are three episodic stories currently in progress-The Newman FamilyPoison Ivy, and Wing-and various short stories.

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A loose interpretation of a Pinstar Legacy; Janelle acts as the Generation Four matriarch with a firm hand, a desire for a utopian family, and an eye toward high society.
A 100 baby challenge with a twist; Juniper Grove knows she must spread her roots, and eliminate any who might get in her way.
Sparrow Drake is a vampire hunted. Born a vampire and knowing no home or family but that with the Wing Coven in the distant mountains, she must make her way to peaceful Forgotten Hollow in a bid for survival.
Various shorts-usually short-shorts-from the perspective of various sims. Some of these are miscellaneous Sims, such as Zara, a jaded barista; but you will also find some familiar faces, including the Newman Family’s Apollo.